A Cloudless Mind

From Stress to Effortless

The Modern Leader

To foster peak performance and collaboration, leaders often turn to rules, reporting and rigid control. This approach invites more stress and overwhelm than success. The modern leader first liberates people from their mental sludge. From a calm place of trust, authentically creative and collaborative teams naturally arise.

We assist companies to create their own leadership model and trainings. For this we use the latest neuroscience insights to optimally create, change and collaborate.


Our coaching is for leaders who are passionate and intrinsically motivated to explore their true nature. By liberating yourself from mental sludge, a world of possibilities arises. Once you have a calm mind, you can lead by example and help others attain the same unburdened state of mind. This increases creativity, trust, authenticy – and ultimately – performance.


We help companies in their processes of change and aid the transition from stressed to effortless. First, we focus on taking away the mental sludge, saving a tremendous amount of energy and effort. After that, we provide companies with the latest neuroscience insights to enable change, innovation and cooperation.

Setema Gali

Super Bowl Winner New England Patriots

“Of all the coaches I have hired and worked with, Scott was and is one of the most impactful for the success of my business and my life. If you want to see things you’ve never seen before and experience a transformation, work with Scott.”

Anita Grantham

Chief People Office (CPO) Pluralsight

“Working with Scott and his understanding of the mind has been invaluable. My level of performance personally and professionally is at an all time high and built for sustainability. Scott’s illuminations creates incredible efficiencies and give me access to the best version of myself.”

Mark Semler

CEO Zucker Institute of Applied Neurosciences

“Scott is an incredible coach that can change the course of your life in just a few conversations. His way of being in the world is a demonstration of an ultimate leader in life. The results of working with him far exceeded my lofty expectations and opened a universe of possibilities that had previously been locked away.”

Steve Parker

CEO Levelwing & Partner Third Prime Venture Capital

“Scott was instrumental in a two-year process of recreating my approach to business. This experience created growth and clear vision for what I achieve.”

Wim de Bundel

Commercial Director NN

“”There are no words to describe Paul. You HAVE to EXPERIENCE him at least once/And then again.”

Guido Weijers

Director Loens BV

“Apart from a sincere and good friend, Paul is an absolute multi-talent and the funniest autodidact I know! The perfect mix of integrity, discipline and inexhaustible creativity.”

Arnold Langeveld

Professor in Presentation Coaching

“Paul’s combination of humour and non-duality is a unique and very effective. At first he opens your heart by making you laugh. Afterwards he opens your eyes by sharing insights that were unreachable for your thinking ability.”

Mark Raben

Director Innovation & Product Strategy at SAP

“The presentation Paul gave during the VNSG conference was very well received. Paul is very creative, has innovative ideas and knows how to bring them not practice.”

We do business in Europe and the U.S.

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