Our keynote speakers perform worldwide, uniquely combining humor and neuroscientific insights,
delivering an entertaining and interactive talk about change, collaboration and performance.

Scott L. Byrd


Languages: English

Scott L Byrd is a successful US businessman, former Wall Street investor, topspeaker and coach for organizations.

Paul Smit

The Netherlands

Languages: Dutch & English

Paul Smit is the number one speaker in the Netherlands. He is known for his unique combination of humor and neuroscientific insights.

In our talks you will learn:

The best talk I’ve ever seen!

A wonderful combination of entertainment, humor and insights.



A lot of humor with great insights.

Funny, authentic and superior!



We have had many positive reactions.

This session has totally changed my view of how and why people make choices.

This show was an entertaining summary about human behavior. Fascinating!

It was a very nice and inspiring presentation, not only from an educative point of view, but also for entertaining!

I liked the very concrete examples, very useful!

Powerful and spot-on!

The seminar was beyond expectation.


Our coaching is for leaders who are passionate and intrinsically motivated to explore their true nature. By liberating yourself from mental sludge, a world of possibilities arises. Once you have a calm mind, you can lead by example and help others attain the same unburdened state of mind. This increases creativity, trust, authenticy – and ultimately – performance.


We help companies in their processes of change and aid the transition from stressed to effortless. First, we focus on taking away the mental sludge, saving a tremendous amount of energy and effort. After that, we provide companies with the latest neuroscience insights to enable change, innovation and cooperation.


In these pages, you won’t find advice to wake up earlier, work out harder, or invest smarter. Paul Smit and Scott Byrd bring their dynamic experience as corporate coaches, comedians, and philosophers to this groundbreaking read on life and leadership. What you will find are simple truths about the human mind that will fundamentally change everything about the way you see yourself and the decisions you make. Marrying the latest insights from neuroscience with practical ancient wisdom, this will be the deepest light reading you’ve ever done.


Great teaching!
This was so very helpful to me. It was a refresher reading from another of Paul Smit’s books. Really enjoyed the collaboration in this. I highly recommend this.


Advaita explained and easy to understand
I enjoyed reading this book because of the clear language and down to earth explanation. The metaphors used in the book are very helpful. Life is simple indeed after reading this book. The next book could be about learning how to stay cloudless more. This can be a challenge especially when conditioning of the mind is involved.


Clear, Direct and Powerful
I have the pleasure of calling Scott Byrd a friend and mentor. A Cloudless Mind creates an opportunity for anyone to gain access to their philosophies and grow. The book is simple, direct, and powerful in its message. You may even find yourself laughing at times, both with the book and at yourself. Having privately coached with Scott I feel I now have a quick reference to turn to when I need to clear away some of my own clouds. A must read.


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